Thursday, June 22, 2017

Yesterday and Today, Along With My Haiku Poems

Yesterday was the first day of summer, when I stepped out the sun was blazing hot, which made me long all the more, for the night to come!

The sun's going down.
I no longer have the time.
Soon the moon will shine.

Night breeze soothed my mind,
Making me feel free again,
Refreshing my soul.

Today when my wife and I walked to the store and back, the rain kept coming down.  Once we reached home, we both were soaking wet.

The rain sprinkling down,
Upon the soul of my mind,
The leaves become wet.

After the rain came down, I took a picture of the black mulberry tree, that's in our yard.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

My Today's Morning Dream

The dream you're about to read I had today Sunday June 18, 2017 before 12:00 noon.

While sitting at my desk in our dining room, our front door was open while my wife was busy in the kitchen.

Suddenly a young woman with light colored brown skin that was quite thin with long brown brunette hair walked in completely naked pass me then squatted down holding the back of one of my favorite chairs.

When I asked who she was, she turned around and said quietly, I know you, Lon.  Then suddenly wasn't there.

After that, I found myself in a fenced in construction area where there was an excavator that had a huge demolition grapple attached to it grabbing large pieces of broken up road.  I became frightened, thinking it was going to grab me as well!  So I decided to get the hell out of there!

Turning around I saw this narrow passageway that was quite dark with old broken up brick walls on both sides, which had tree roots sticking through them with broken up stone steps that climbed upward.  Before reaching the foot of the steps there stood on top a dark silhouette of a woman with long dark hair looking down at me, she then turned around and walked away.

Quickly I climbed to the top of that narrow passageway which took me to a dark sinister looking neighborhood that was desolate, that had large sinister looking statues in front of each abandoned home.

Not sure why, but I felt a great peace there, before my waking from that dream.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Choice Is Yours

You can be true to yourself,
And others,
Or you can hide behind a mask.

I used to say things about myself,
That wasn't true,
Thinking I'd find favor from others,
But now this no longer stands,
All that matters now,
Is that I'm being me,
Not someone else,
That was made up to be.

Now people can like,
Or dislike me,
I no longer care,
As long as I'm being true,
To me.

I'm not an old Witch of Darkness for nothing,
I've grown old to learn from my mistakes,
And still do,
To this day.

As long as I'm being true,
To myself,
And others,
My wheel,
Will keep turning,
For this wheel,
Has no beginning,
Or end.

Now for one of my haiku poems relating to my poem above, and another poem of mine that's been written below.

Be true to yourself,
If not you will become lost.
The water runs deep.

If we're not true to ourselves,
We can't be true to others,
Like I mentioned here
Because if not,
You'll dig your own grave,
Lying to yourself,
For evermore!

The choice is yours,
Or you can be lost,
Like this story has been told.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Honesty and Hypocrisy


I refuse to go around pretending,
Like I love everyone,
Don't feel anger,
Or hate,
Because if I did,
I'd not only be lying to myself,
But I'd be lying to them,
Which for me,
Would be hypocrisy.

What's right for you may not be right for me,
And what's right for me,
May not be right for you.

But there are those,
I truly feel anger and hate towards,
Like those who wish others harm,
Even a cause.

Monday, June 5, 2017

It's Witchcraft

Light your candle,
Make a wish,
Put it out,
It's Witchcraft!

Do you believe Magick exists, if not, I suggest you try what I've written above, for you might be surprised at what unfolds!

Magick is all around; one just needs to know how to take hold of their Magick wholeheartedly, with all their heart, mind, and soul!

Take control of your Magick that's been found, close your eyes, loosen your grip, for it's always been there, but don't disbelieve, because if you do, you'll become, your own fool!

There are many doors, that can be opened, but if one doesn't know how, they never will!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

My Little Witch Girl

Some of you
May not know,
But I have a Little Witch Girl,
That called out to me,
Quite some time ago.

She doesn't speak words
For she's quite quiet,
But her wordless speech,
Speaks volumes,
For I hear her every word.

She speaks much Magick,
In our home,
For she's another one,
Who holds the key.

Don't be surprised,
To those who keep silent,
Just how much they know.

Open your mind
And you too,
Might just hear,
Some of the Magick
I see.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Lonely Red Table

The Lonely Red Table
Was just waiting for someone,
Like me,
To pick her up,
And carry her home,
So I did.

Now she's no longer,
For she now,
Has a place,
To call home.